Small Loudspeaker Optimizer

Bass and SPL performance are key factors for compact loudspeakers. Our Small Loudspeaker Optimizer optimizes both by means of multiband compression and limiting. Results are optimized for the specific transducers by means of measurement and objective & subjective tuning.


Smartspeaker Music Canceler

When listening to music or radio on a smartspeaker, keyword detection is impaired, because the music gets into the microphone signals. Our Smartspeaker Music Canceler optimizes cancellation and distortion trade-off for the keyword detection task and ASR. The canceler can also be configured for teleconferencing.


Immersive Loudspeaker

Our version of soundbar and immersive copmact loudspeaker concept: rather than using many transducers, our concept uses the minimum number of transducers necessary for generating a breathtaking spatial effect from a single-box form factor. There are no aliasing and timbral artifacts, known from conventional soundbars.  Immersion is perceived as room-filling. Particularly suited for high quality products, using only few but high quality transducers.

Input formats
stereo, Lt/Rt, 5.1
2 to 4 transducers
Sound control
immersion, depth/3D
Acoustic control
left/right spatial balance
Algorithmic delay
4 to 10ms


Bass Enhancement

Based on physical loudspeaker modeling and psychoacoustic principles, our Bass Enhancement technology extends the frequency range of small loudspeakers to reproduce low frequencies, sounding like a larger loudspeaker.

Input format
mono, stereo
Loudspeaker cutoff frequency
40 to 300 Hz
Algorithmic delay
0 to 10 ms


Immersive Headphones

Illusonic Immersive Headphones is designed for the ambitious listener, converting cues in stereo, 5.1, immersvie, and object-based signals to natural headphone listening cues and enhancing the perceived space beyond the head.

Input format
stereo, 5.1 ... 5.1.2 ... 7.1.6 ... 22.2
Stage width
60 to 120 degree
Virtual Acoustic
Off, weak to strong
Off, weak to strong
Off, weak to strong
Head tracking support
gyrometer data


Immersive Upmix

Illusonic Upmix is the most versatile technology of its kind. Sophisticated signal analysis, spatial hearing modeling, auditory filterbanks, and spatial synthesis processing yield high fidelity discrete-like surround signals.

Any number of front channels are supported for precise sound stage localization and a large sweet spot. Up to 32 independent surround audio channels can be generated. The resulting independent audio channels can be seamlessly downmixed back to stereo. Up to 8 elevated loudspeakers are supported for 3D setups.

Input format
stereo, 5.1, etc.
Ouput format
stereo, 5.1 ... 5.1.2 ... 7.1.6 ... 22.2
Channel separation
up to 40 dB


5.1 Enhancer

It is not easy to mix and produce high quality 5.1 content. Especially for music mixes, it is often difficult to record or generate ambient signals that are suitable to mimick a concert hall faithfully. Consequently, many 5.1 recordings have a suboptimal surround and immersion effect.

The Illusonic 5.1 Enhancer analyzes 5.1 content and optimizes the ambience. The results are enhanced envelopment and 3D immersion, acoustically more transparent loudspeakers, and an enhanced sweet spot area.

Audio format
5.1, 7.1
Off, weak to strong



An entirely new way of room adaptation. Audio signals are modified such that they resonate less in a room. Sound is as if the room would be more acoustically treated. Clarity works in the whole room, not only in sweet spot.


Dynamic Range

Remasters music in real-time for effortless casual listening.