IAP Fall 2018 Update

IAP Version 7.0 Firmware/Software Update. Main points:

– Reborn Feeling – improved menus, usage, new auto-zoom, new owner’s manual

– Another major step forward in Depth/Immersion

– Quality, Quality, Quality – many more improvements and extensions, see below

The update is available here.

Reborn Feeling

You instantly will notice usage refinements. Starting from the new minimalistic „Welcome“ and „Bye“ messages on IAP’s display.

Or, when you are far away from IAP, you are now able to read the display. Auto zoom adaptively magnifies the most important information on IAP’s display. For example, when you change volume, you see the current level large on the display.

The complexity of menus is now hidden for normal usage. You can now change sound presets without going to the sound presets menu, and always modify volume.

Ad hoc settings are now accessible by the touch of a button. Ad hoc settings allow you to adjust the sound temporarily. For example, change balance or subsonic filter.

The included all-new owner’s manual is fully up to date with IAP 7.0.


Sound: Immersive Meets Audiophile

In 2011, when we took on the challenge of designing IAP, we also took on the challenge to refine an upmix-like technology to an audiophile level. It is not that we had started from scratch. We were already several years on the market with several third party upmixers, including a market leading broadcast upmix processor (used by BBC, Sky, etc.).

But what a mix! Swiss Made audiophile hardware plus an unorthodox audio algorithm! No one has had the same problem statement as we did. And seven years later, we have achieved more than what we thought was possible. Illusonic Immersive by now sounds so amazing that we are not shy to show it before any audiophile audience. Usually people are puzzled. If we don’t tell them, they do not notice any effect, nor think it is not anymore stereo, just get great sound. Often people do not notice – until we switch to bypass – then a wonderful world collapses into a one-dimensional experience.


Quality, Quality, Quality

With this next major IAP update, we have again shown that we long-term support our audio processors. In the consumer domain, it is just normal that after a year or so, hardware is not supported anymore. In High End Audio, companies often lack enough software expertise to support customers well. Bugs are not fixed for years etc. For us it is normal to fix serious bugs within days. And about half of IAP’s features originally go back to customer requests (more coming…!).

Today the quality of a device is often largely determined by the quality of its software and firmware including dsp software. The audio quality of IAP hardware is at a level that other factors are the determining sources of limitation (amplifier noise, recording noise, loudspeaker non-linearities, room acoustics). The differentiating quality and potential lies in the firmware/software! Welcome to the world of IAP.


Detailed List of Additions and Improvements

Below is a detailed list of changes of this latest update, compared to the previous major update version (Summer 2018 Update).

Firmware IAP 2/4/8/16

– new Owner’s Manual for all IAP models

– major menu overhaul & auto-zoom to be visible at long distances
– new welcome and power off screens („Welcome“, „Bye“)
– improved access to ad hoc settings (balance, dsp info, …)
– added support for ?|/& characters
– renamed orientation to „Mode“ and moved to Immersive menu
– renamed sound settings „Immersive“ to „Illusonic“
– multi-room: improved channel naming
– simplified menus (complex settings now only in IAP Configuration software)
– improved future backwards compatibility if characters are added/removed
– fixed a number of small bugs

– major revision of Depth & Immersion
– improved LR balance, now applied on stereo input (as opposed to output)
– fixed debug mode, has not worked for a while…
– added new club, hall, stadium modes (orientation)
– major bass management extensions (more flexible crossovers)
– when center strength = 0, set center diffuse sound to off (so center is 100% silent)
– added dsp image and copy protection for IAP 16 mk2

– modified power-on timing for new gen 2 main PCBs and DAC boards
– support of mk2 main board features (phono options, dig out)
– changed DSP output routing to match native DAC board (IAP 8, IAP 16 mk2) channel order, this also fixed IAP 16 mk2 dig out

IAP Configuration Software

-rename: IAP Controller => IAP Configuration !

-OSX: switched from i386 to universal (32/64 bit)
-OSX: now developer-sign application
-renamed IAP Controller to IAP Configuration
-added new bass management crossover options
-added support for ?|/& characters
-replaced EQ icons with popup menu
-added new club, hall, stadium modes (orientation)
-renamed sound settings „Immersive“ to „Illusonic“
-bug fix: revert IAP now also reverts loudspeaker setup
-multi-room: improved channel naming
-added new phono options for IAP 16 mk2

IAP Calibration Software

-OSX: switched from i386 to universal (32/64 bit)
-OSX: now developer-sign application
-added new bass management crossover options
-active crossover optimisation workflow improvement
-new option to apply LP/HP filters (also when eq is off)
-added high pass option to time-domain plot (in addition to lp, bp)
-fixed issue with channel linking for mute/unmute
-improved positioning of eq curves, previously if max eq gain was more than 6dB it would go out of the figure, no it adapts automatically its vertical position
-improved absolute impulse response alignment
-multi-sub-combination time plot improvement
-now there are three channel linking configurations (before: 1)
-when no IAP is connected when launching IAP Calibration, it will as opposed to read the loudspeaker setup from IAP, ask the user to specify it
-bug-fix: when loudspeaker gains and low-cuts are used during measurement, gains impulse responses could be wrong
-bug-fix: eq on gain was not correctly written to export config .iap file
-bug-fix: some crossover related functions did not always work properly (functions which have if lp or hp, then…), this could also result in that a crossover would not be disabled during measurement
-bug-fix: spk size did not properly real-time sync with IAP
-various small improvements and bug-fixes