Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

Montreux Jazz Festival and EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) organized a press conference to launch the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab. A fantastic state-of-the-art multimedia cocoon offers the opportuntiy to experience over 5000 hours of concerts from the last 45 years. The multimedia cocoon is powered by our Immersive Audio Processor, to reproduce the stereo Montreux Jazz archive over a 3D 10.1 loudspeaker system.

Montreux Jazz founder Claude Nobs: „I have the feeling to be into the concert hall. It is not just a normal sound. The sound envelops you. You are into the image, into the sound“.

Nicolas Henchoz, EPFL: „The aim of the Heritage Lab is to rethink our relationship with the digital world and to create another experience for AV archives“.

Pictures © Daniela Droz, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti / EPFL+ECAL, 2012.